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Medicare Supplemental

YMR Benefits provide sales and support for Medicare lines from AARP, Anthem and other major carriers. If you have questions about your insurance policy, or want help shopping for a new plan, work with us.

  • Medicare is for individuals over 65
  • Covers hospitalization, doctor visits, prescriptions
  • Supplements add coverage for premium services at an additional cost, but often eliminate copays and added fees that Medicare doesn’t cover, and overall may reduce your Medicare costs
  • We’ll help confirm that your preferred doctor is in your network for supplement policies

Individual long-term care, available through life policies, is also an increasingly important consideration for forward-thinking clients.

  • Long-term care pays for daily caretaker costs, either at home or in a facility, that aren’t covered by medicare or hospice services

Contact us today to see if you can expand your Medicare coverage and save money with Medicare Supplement coverage.