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Group Health Plans

Group medical coverage is generally available to businesses and organizations with two or more full-time employees, including the owner.

Benefits of group health plans typically include the following: guaranteed issue (no employee may be turned down for health insurance), tax-deductible as an expense for the business, better coverage including broader benefits such as vision and dental care, disability coverage for work-related injuries, and available long-term care. Up to 100 employees may be covered under a group plan. Rates are generally higher per person with group coverage than on comparable individual plans.

YMR Benefits works directly with businesses interested in group health plan coverage. We can shop your requirements among a large group of carriers to help you find the best match for your benefit packages. We can also provide dental, vision, disability, longterm and life so you can offer complete umbrella coverage for employees. We interface with employers, and can also assist employees with their questions. Finally, we also provide individual life policies for corporate management. Call or contact us today to discuss your specific needs.